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At ScoutFoto, we know how hard runners work to prepare for races. We help preserve the moment and the accomplishments by working with event organizers and talented local photographers to provide runners with high-quality images. This allows us to capture memories from events that participants can cherish and share with friends and family who weren’t able to be a part of the experience.


The ScoutFoto concept was formed when two friends, Andrew Wong and Himanshu Goil, started talking with each other about their passions. These passions came to life through underlying next generation technology, which is able to read and capture information on runners using advanced recognition capabilities, making the entire process of getting pictures to the runners accurate and efficient.

Meet The Team

Our Team Members

Himanshu Goil

The Clay Modeler

An enthusiastic runner and photographer, who was always stubborn on ‘ScoutFoto’ vision.

Andrew Wong

The Innovator

An avid runner and the other brain behind ScoutFoto. He envisioned ScoutFoto

Deepti Goil

The Creator of Opportunities

She got us our first sponsor and continues to get more which

Rajiv Ranjan

The Photo Evangelist

The Wizard of Light Bulb Moments!!! This supernatural talent is not really

Advisory Board

Laurie is an accomplished leader, working with executives and teams, for over

Bill Germino - Advisor

Bill Germino


A senior strategist and hands-on consultant brings over 20 years of experience

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