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The Advertising Operations Specialist will execute, manage, troubleshoot, and optimize digital marketing campaigns aimed at both branding and response objectives. This role will have a critical hand in overseeing digital advertising trafficking & fulfillment, in the development of operational processes and in supporting revenue generation through the creation of digital advertising campaign solutions for external clients and internal partners.

At ScoutFoto, we are passionate about providing free, quality photos to runners in road races all over the world! To do this, we hire talented local photographers who are proficient in taking sports photos in the communities where races are taking place. Depending on the size of the race, we will hire a minimum of two photographers (more as needed). Here is how the process works:

  • We contact local event organizers in areas with upcoming road races to see if they are interested in providing free photos to runners
  • If the event organizers are interested in offering this service, we go into the community and find an official local photo sponsor
  • We hire talented photographers like you to take pictures throughout the race. Image rights are retained by ScoutFoto.
  • Once the race is complete, simply upload all of your photos into our advanced recognition software which will sort the images based on facial and bib number recognition.
  • After the race, usually within two hours, runners will receive an email with a link to their race photos, which they are free to download, print, and share on social media.

That’s it! If you are interested in being hired by ScoutFoto for an upcoming road race in your area, please contact us to learn more about the process.

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