Road Race / Organizers

As the race organizer of a road race, you are charged with the promotion of the race in order to get potential runners and community members involved. ScoutFoto can help you generate more interest with our “free photo” service.

How does it work?

We go into local communities and hire quality photographers to take pictures during the race. We also engage with local business owners to find one advertiser to sponsor the photos. For a reasonable fee, this sponsor will have the benefit of exclusive brand exposure with a watermark logo on all the runner images and brand visibility via email communication to the runners, recognition on our website, and through social sharing whenever runners share their photos on social media platforms.

After the race, images are submitted to our proprietary recognition software, which scans and matches images to runners using their bib numbers. After the race, runners receive an email with access to their free photos, which they are able to print, save, and share on social media.

Getting Started

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